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Online Education Resources for Kids and Families

Museums and exhibitions
Reading Lists
  • If you’re tired of asking ‘Why?’ without getting any answer, this page might be just for you.

  • Widen your knowledge and see what you can do to protect nature here.

  • If you’re like me and like to take things into your own hands, you’ll love these easy but interesting experiments at these sites:

  • Don’t worry if you don’t have all the materials, enter this virtual lab instead.

  • To infinity and beyond! Reach out for the stars on the night sky.

  • Ready to discover new worlds while at home? Take a walk on the surface of Mars where no human has ever been before.

  • Lean back and enjoy the wonderful and eye-opening videos on these channels (most of them are available with subtitles in many languages):

  • Vroom: offers science tips and printables for kids 0–5. It is made to help you do more with your shared moments. Add learning to mealtime, bathtime, bedtime, or anytime with 1,000+ fun, free activities.

Board games
General education
  • CK-12 Foundation: includes grades 1–12 and even a few college courses. It can be translated into several languages and also offers some extracurriculars, such as photography and astronomy. Always free.
  • Khan Academy Kids: adorable cartoon animals teach kids ages 2–7 in this free interactive learning app, compatible with iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch. Aligned with common core standards, the app offers a fun learning experience. Cost: Free.
  • Bedtime Math: this free app (available for iPhone or Android) for learners ages 4–9 offers mini lessons so that you can make math fun for kids and a part of the family’s daily routine, just like stories at bedtime. It also offers books and worksheets, as well as an option to receive math fun by email.
  • Zehud is an Online Jewish School teaching Hebrew and Judaic Studies classes to Jewish children aged 5+ in Europe and across the globe. Initially established in 2014, Zehud is primarily aimed at Jewish children who are looking for Hebrew and Judaic Studies enrichment classes to earn a skills based Jewish education.
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